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Giulia Tripoti is a 33 years old songwriter From Rome, she has a strong propensity for composition and arrangements, she bases her musical production on contamination between genres. Her musical identity was probably formed already in the cradle, when her father and mother used to get her to sleep singing sweet lullabies .... and songs of the partisan struggle!!!

Her career began in '97 when she debuted as a soloist in the “GiuliaFXX”. theater show, since then she has grown as a singer-songwriter in the following musical bands: Astrade, Bottega Latina, Blumenberg67, Beta Elements, Luna e Laltri, Terramaris, PANeROSE, Officine Sud, Italia Migrante. She had  many collaborations as a soloist and/or composer, in C. Spadola's Spatola’s theater show “Il Naso”; with Roberto Cola; with the band Solaris; with Davide Fiorentini, Mauro Carulli and Alfredo Rocca. She boasts several collaborations, like the one with  with Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Orhan Osman and Francesco "Fry" Moneti that appear as special guests in her debut CD ARROVESCIATA.  has sung as a special guest with italian bands like: Modena City Ramblers and Yo Yo Mundi. For Modena City Ramblers she has performed lead vocals for the the song "Gino" included in the band’s album entitled: Battaglione Alleato (march 2012).

Her compositive style draws on South Italy’s folk music, African music, prog-rock, folk, electronic and tends toward sounds admixture. For lyrics writing she benetifs of the “complicity” of his father, the poet Fabrizio Tripoti, and she collaborate as well with the poet Guido Celli and the actor / theater director Claudio Spadola.

Giulia loves pulling his creation over the idea of a "musical journey," a bridge between different cultures, her work is permeated of civil commitment.

Recently, she lived between Rome and Turin, coming into contact with Nothern Italy’s popular culture and taking interest in “re-reading” weeders, partisan and rice farms songs: she stayed struck by how, after all, they represent common people’s universal feeling, beyond the differences among people of all the times and all geographic regions. These feelings are indeed the real glue between the human beings of all races.

Her passion for folk traditions comes into its highest in her new project “Italia Migrante”, a musical company with the task to export Italian traditions abroad both pure and contaminated with the Mediterranean rhythms and sounds.

The relationship with the audience is crucial for Giulia. She likes to call herself: "Giulia Tripoti, voice and toys" just because he invented an original way to stay in close contact with her audience: during her live performances (where possible) she distributes a basket full of sound toys, built through recycling, getting the audience to play in time under his directions. Music becomes play and an exchange between player and listener.

Some Giulia’s partecipations from 2009 till today:Biella Festival 2009 (WINNER, “DEMO's Lady Award 2010” (WINNER of the prize BEST VOCALIST), “Premio Sele d'Oro 2010” (FINALIST 9/10 settembre), “Audizioni Musicultura 2010” (semifinalist), “Premio Poggio Bustone 2009” (third place), “Botteghe d’Autore 2009” (finalist) “Premio Pigro 2009” (finalist), “Audizioni Musicultura 2009” (semifinalist), live partecipation in Radio Demo Radio Rai 1, Modena City Ramblers opening concert, special duo "Giulia Tripoti and Francesco "Fry" Moneti" (violinist of Modena City Ramblers), special guest of Modena City Ramblers, special guest of Yo Yo Mundi; lead vocal in “Gino” song from Modena City Ramblers Battaglione Alleato

Her solo debut album entitled "ARROVESCIATA" just come out (printed and distribuited by Terre Sommerse), the album includes international special guests like: Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Orhan Osman, Francesco Moneti.

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arrovesciata giulia tripoti terre sommerse 2013Buy ARROVESCIATA (Terres Sommerse 2013), the new album of the songwriter of Rome Giulia Tripoti. 13 tracks about fight and struggle between folk, progressive and world music. Special guests: Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Orhan Osman and Francesco Moneti.

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